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Phone No: +91-9227400051,+91-7984936016

Subject Expert and Experienced Faculties

Our teachers or faculties are such experienced and expert in their subject that they satisfy, students by solving every questions asked by curious students

Personal Attention and Guidance

Our teachers help each student in their studies by providing them personal time and guidance. They keep students motivated in studies by their personal attention.

Stepwise teaching for competitive exams

Our teachers teach the students in such a systematic and stepwise (NCERT syllabus to competitive exam course) Confidence of students get maintained.

Environment with positive mental attitude

Our teachers create a study-oriented environment by giving motivational speeches and motivating rewards to the students.We help students to develop positive mental atittude for study and other aspects of life.

Classical and modern ways of teaching

Different type of memory technique, 3D animation technology, accurate board work. These all methods increase the student's understanding power and make subject easy to understand.

Caring and Helping Hand in teaching.

We read abilities hidden in every students.We Co-operate with their learning pattern and find out the best ways to teach then most easily and effectively.

Platform for abundant opportunities

With the help of our programms like Mind power,Memory power,Heath power,Money power,students can achieve their goals easily and stadily. We have courses for parents too, like parenting. Which helps them to treat their child in best possible way.

Best Test and Exam Pattern

We have one of the best tests and Exams pattern. Our time table is easy to follow. It helps students with revision,pratice,experience and other needed improvements.

Live reports to parents

As a parent, everyone like to see their chidren's progress chart. We lively review all report cards of tests and exams to parents. We regularly organise parents meeting for student's better and better performance.

Prize Distribution

We always believe in motivation. We distribute prizes and rewards, We keep environment competitive for students to help them doing more and more score.

Value of Money

We value your money more than any one other can do. We always try that you get much more than you have invested here or expected from us.